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Crescent Power Systems Inc

Medium Voltage Products
Our Staff is Experienced in a Wide Variety of Equipment, Applications and Logistic Solutions.

Our unique background in MV & LV VFDs and Motors is a value-added bonus to our customers. We have the capability to provide metal clad switchgear, metal enclosed fused switches, outdoor switchgear, gas insulated switchgear, motor control, bus duct, transformers, HRG systems, protective relay systems and SCADA. Our arc flash strategies for personnel protection have been utilized as essential elements in our customers' safety culture. We provide inspection services, expediting and logistics coordination for your quick ship demands.

We have taken on some of the most demanding applications for a wide variety of customers. From an offshore oil rig's compressor and pump demands, to paper mill drives, power generation, material handling, air handling and extruders; there is not much we have not done!

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Medium Voltage ProductsSupplier

Medium Voltage
Variable Frequency Drives

The T300MVi Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drive is the most advanced drive in the industry. No other drive in the market offers this latest technology...

Up to 20,000 hp

Medium Voltage
Electric Motor


Up to 20,000 hp

Medium Voltage
Motor Control

Providing more sophisticated control, each of these starters includes, many standard features making it suitable for tough applications, including: Soft start control for smooth starting and reduced inrush.

Up to
7200 V

Solid State Starters, Contractors & Controls
Medium Voltage JK
Medium Voltage
Low Voltage Solid State Starter
Low and Medium Voltage
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Up to 1000MVA
Medium Voltage Power
Power transformers for service in the most extreme conditions and demanding applications anywhere in the world.
Up to 800KV
Bus Duct
TechnibusIsolated Phase
Non-Segregated Phase
Segregated Phase

Cap Banks

Metal Enclosed
Open Rack Shunt

Air Core Reactors
GE Grid Solutions
Current-limiting, Neutral-earthing, Harmonic filtering, Smoothing, Shunt, Damping reactor, Discharge reactor, Arc-furnace series, Power flow control, Motor starting, Duplex current-limiting reactors, Split-phase shunt, Zero tolerance reactors.